Scientific Feng Shui Application

Our Feng Shui analyses and recommendations are based on extensive research; systematically executed and incorporated in the home's design and spatial planning. These ensure energy levels are matched and beneficial to the occupants, and the site's natural good potential is maximised

Eco-friendly Design

Respecting our natural environment is of utmost importance to us, thus green design is embodied in every aspect of our work -- from promoting healthy air circulation and natural lighting strategy, selecting anti radiation materials, through to responsible waste management.

Geopathology Principles

This measures and analyzes different types of radiation in your home -- from toxic materials, extreme electromagnetic and electrical radiation to geopathic stress caused by underground streams and other earth anomalies. Applied mainly to housing projects in Europe, this discipline is found to complement Feng Shui techniques, and advances Eco-design to achieve a home that is truly healthy for its occupants.