Feng Shui Tips For Your Home 2010

Tuesday, Mar 2nd 2010
Feng Shui Tips For Your Home 2010

It's another Chinese New Year! We are coming to the year of the metal tiger. From a feng shui perspective, your house energy will change too. What changes will happen, and how will it impact us?

Shio TigerIt is the year of the tiger!

As the new year comes, the energy prevailing around us and our homes also change. Just like the change of the season, some areas are good and some are not too good. From a feng shui perspective, being in harmony with our invisible energy forces is important to ensure our health and wellbeing. Therefore, let us examine what the year of tiger has in store for us ...

Inauspicious sectors for 2010Inauspicious Sector

Every year sees three inauspicious sectors in our house that need to be neutralized. For this year, Southwest, South and Northeast will potentially cause problems. Here’s how to cure them:

- Northeast - Bad energy caused by earth, may cause sickness. Cure with putting anything metal there such as wind chime.

- Southwest - Bad energy caused by earth too. Cure with putting anything metal.

- South - Bad energy caused by wood. Lit a lamp or put anything red here.

Auspicious sectors for 2010

If there are inauspicious sectors, there also are auspicious or good sectors that you can enhance for this year. These sectors in the house will help to promote better energy and subsequently your health and wellbeing. So before you do anything, please ensure that these areas first of all are clean, uncluttered and bright to help activate the energy there by itself.

For all these areas, you can enhance by putting a small water feature or plants. Note that some areas in your house may not be appropriate for water, such as your bedroom.

Spring cleaning... spring cleaning...

I would also advise everyone to start off their spring cleaning soon. Spring cleaning is very common for a lot of people (it is a habitual custom for the Chinese), which is a proper and detailed cleaning of your house and de-clutter all areas. If you want better energy to come in this year, you have to make room for it. Therefore, clean out and throw away all the junks from last year and you’re in a much better position to embrace the coming year!

Those are the simplified summary of this year’s energy pattern, taken from yearly flying star feng shui method. You can’t go wrong with treating the bad areas, and pay more attention when your main door or house facing fall in these directions. But please be careful when activating any particular areas with water. Water represents energy, and too much water in some places can make the house energy off-balance. If you are unsure, it is always good to consult a professional practitioner.

Good luck!