Indoor Air Pollutants: Enemies In Disguise

Friday, May 14th 2010
Indoor Air Pollutants: Enemies In Disguise

What is indoor air pollutant? It is one of the most dangerous pollutant we have inside our living space, and often will go unnoticed for years. The effects are ranging from tiredness, headache, blurry eyes, difficulty to concentrate, to chronic diseases such as asthma and even cancer. The indoor air pollution is particularly high in newly built buildings, and your kids are absorbing these toxins into their bodies thirty times more than grown ups! What are these culprits?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

This emission of hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture is extremely dangerous and will dissolve into indoor air over a long period of time, sometimes for years. Many modern day synthetic building materials release this vapour into our house due to its chemical process, such as plywood, certain paints, and the glue used for laminates such as high pressured laminates (HPL) that are commonly used for furniture nowadays. Some cheaper building materials often use lead and mercury as a mixture in their products, which is highly toxic and carcinogenic (may promote cancer overtime).

Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF)

Over-exposure to electrical, radio and magnetic waves are extremely dangerous to our metabolism! Human cells work based on very weak current (very low frequency of 7.8 Hz) while being constantly exposed to extremely high frequencies around us. This in turn will effect our cells and will eventually lead to many diseases. The many electronic devices around us is made worse with any big electrical pylons or radio/ telecommunication receiver stations nearby your house. Construction materials made of metals such as steels and aluminiums as well as magnetic spring beds will further accelerate this radiation!

Geopathic Stress

This radiation is the hardest to encounter due to its underground location. It has various forms such as radon gas, underground streams, and the earth’s own electromagnetic fields. Surprisingly, many modern day Feng Shui researches have shown corelation between this radiation and the landforms reflected on the earth: one of Feng Shui’s main technique is to trace ‘dragon vein’ or underground water formation based on the physical features on the earth. This radiation has the most severe effect especially when you are sleeping above it. Try sleeping with underground water current below your bed!

A 'geopathology' is a discipline that studies all the radiation around us and our homes, measures it up and suggests ways to neutralize it. Some radiation such as geopathic stress is quite tricky to eliminate, but there are simple ways to reduce other manmade toxics and disturbances in your house which I will elaborate in the next post.

Stay tuned!